Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Being Real Gets You Hated..

More like being label as cruel.. i just can't get that out of my mind..

I've never been called worse than that i guess. Well, that's what you get when you're being realistic and point blank. Most of the time i don't even bother to form a word or opinion on things. It just gets me in trouble of filtering others emotions and it bug me out to do it.

I just tuned annoying things out and make a happy ending about it. And sometimes you better be ignorance to have friends and families or they will kill you with stress plus their idiocy. That will be a tragedy then. Har har har...

Then there's the exonerate parts where you have to forgive or being forgiven. It's just awkward. Sometimes that person have become not so important anymore in my heart and the apology wouldn't matter anymore for me. I just stop to care.. 

I guess until the end i am as cruel as a human can be. We're just human after all..we love, we hate and we certainly will die. Does it worth it to take things seriously when your time never stop ticking..i guess not..

Forgiveness is a shady business..

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