Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sorry i got lost

Yup, i've been so busy and frustrated that what i've done in my spare time is read, read and read. It just kept me out of the stress and buying me out of thinking. Well my life is not so great right now. I got ring but not married yet but we're still happy and all. It's just kinda hard to get married when you're not rich enough and your family is kinda so - so and your future hubby is a chinese. Yup, he is chinese and i got this sort of problems of converting and it's not so simple ok guys. There's a lot of step to take and also time which we obviously don't have. Working and some more ourstation and family really stressing me.

Thank god my father is ok already and my mom always been so healthy and i hope it stays that way. Last week we went to One Utama and eat at The Italianese.

Kinda expensive and not worth it. I rather eat at The Garden, still in One Utama ground floor. It's delicious there and the price is kinda great for western food. The food also good.

The last movie i see is Clash of the Titans which sort of rubbish. Well sorry for my sentence but it is. The plot did not fully develop and every scene is short. You'll not feel satisfied watching it. I guess that's it..

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